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We help consumers by preparing the necessary documents at their directions and to quality standards. We offer high quality, accurate and affordable document preparation. By doing it themselves, consumers usually save 50-70% of the typical fees and costs.


Simple To Use!

Speak to us and we will review your documents and help determine what is the next best step.

A prep expert will analyze your documents and help you choose the program that best suits your needs.

Once a program is chosen, we’ll do the rest.

Why are you waiting?

We’re here to help! You could be saving by just contacting us. Find out more now!


Once you have been briefed and your goals are clear, we get to work. After assessing your status, we’ll help you choose the most potentially beneficial process, and give you everything you need.

Document Preparation Center supports you over the long-term. We monitor your situation year-in and year-out.

It’s Time To Save!

We’re here to help! You could be saving by just contacting us. Find out more now!

We will get back to you ASAP with your quote!

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    Document Preparation Center is a private company committed to full transparency to our customers. With that in mind please read the following disclaimers and Agree before continuing to our website. We look forward to assisting you!

    • Document Preparation Centers not a government agency.
    • Document Preparation Center is a private entity and is not directly affiliated with the Department of Education or any other Government Organization.
    • All payments made to Document Preparation Center are fees for our document preparation services.
    • You can do this yourself without a fee.
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      Phone numbers will never be shared with third parties or affiliates under any circumstances.